The Peace Academy @ Liberty is founded to organize and conduct ongoing seminars, lectures, discussion groups and other educational formats for regional, national, and global populations.  Various events will be held to initiate and further nonviolent, positive change in society.

Conceived in the holiday season of 2004, during the hours when dreams approach reality, The Peace Academy @ Liberty began its journey with a sense of high purpose.

The Academy follows in the traditions of: Isaiah, the Ancient Greek Olympiad, Jesus Christ, Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and all those others through history who advocated peace.  We encourage those of our own time who advocate nonviolent resolution of differences.

Blessed be the peacemakers who seek justice.

We intend to be a model for a National Peace Academy that will hold equal status with the present Military Academies and to work for a cabinet level Department of Peace to balance the present Department of Defense.

Although our birthplace is Liberty, NY, events are held in various locations around the Northeast and other parts of the country.  We use community centers, libraries, churches & temples

We welcome all who would join us in the quest for peace.


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