Peace Academy @ Liberty Events & Activities

Future plans: establishment of a Peace Ambassador in Residence at the high schools of Wayne and Pike Counties in PA and Sullivan County in NY.

39.   Consultation visit with geneticist Dr. Dwight Koeberl regarding the Paleolithic populations of Homo sapiens estimated from mDNA dispersions -- for the Thesis inprogress.

38.   Essay published under Gadfly” column in the Catskill Chronicle, “Peace Among Nations. But What About ISIS?

37.   Interview on WJFF Radio, Gift Of Peace program. 2015.

36.   Essay published under “Gadfly” column in the Catskill Chronicle, “War On The World.” 2015.

35.   Essay published under “Gadfly” column in the Catskill Chronicle, “War Has Always Been and Evermore Shall Be So??” Five comments and five replies to comments. 2015,

34.   Lecture panel presentation to Unitarian meeting, “Our Genetic Heritage: Violence and War, Or Cooperation and Kindness?” 2014.

33.   Visit and consultation with World Without War (in NC). Signed pledge “Declaration of Peace” for Peace Academy at Liberty. 2014.

32.   Call in to WJFF Connections (radio program) discussing the Kellogg-Briand Pact signed and ratified by the US and most other countries. 2014.

31.   Lecture-Discussion presented at Unitarian meeting, “How can Seemingly Irreconcilable Americans Find Common Ground?” 2014.

30.   Essay published in “Gadfly” column in the Catskill Chronicle – “Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye.” 2014.

29.   Lecture to Recyclique Discussion Group in Durham NC on the topic of whether humans are hard wired for violence or for cooperation. 2013.

28.   Essay published in the Catskill Chronicle: “What Is Political?” Questions why the topic of peace should be considered political. 2013.

27.   A poetry performance with the accompaniment of world musical instruments was presented at the Sanctuary of Oils in Honesdale, PA. The theme was “The Wisdom of Mother Nature, the Follies of Mankind,” Spring 2013.

26.    An illustrated lecture on the return of mankind to its genetic heritage of cooperation & kindness was presented as part of the worldwide Rebirth 2012 celebration. Held at the Callicoon Youth Center, December 2012.

25.   A Metaphorical Long Walk from Narrowsburg to Liberty, NY was successfully completed in support of the Green Party candidates whose platform included ending the war in Afghanistan, sharply reducing the number of US military bases around the world, and establishing a cabinet level Department of Peace. The 30+ mile trek was completed in a single day. The Peace Walk was covered in the River Reporter newspaper. October 2012.

24.   A lecture and story-telling presentation was held at the Lackawanna Environmental Institute. The topic was “Global Heating and Climate Chaos — The Point of No Return.” Spring 2012.

23.   A lecture and open discussion was held for a class at Lackawanna College (Lake Region Campus) re: “The Cooperative Nature of Paleolithic and Neolithic Mankind.” A representative group of stone seals and imprints from Mesopotamia, representing the Halaf and Uruk periods, was used as illustration. Spring semester 2011.

22.   The Peace Academy participated in a Philosophy Series held at the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale PA. 2010.

21.   Speaker at the State of the World Forum held at Sugar Notch PA. 2009, 2010, 2011.

20.   The Milanville Poets, Unltd, again with the Peace Academy, performed “Poems for Peace” at the Delaware River Arts Alliance at Narrowsburg NY. 2008.

19.   The Milanville Poets, Unlimited, in affiliation with the Peace Academy, performed “Love Poems of the Delaware River” at the National Parks Service Field Office at Milanville PA. 2008.

18.   Panel and audience discussion at Hawley United Methodist Church, 315 Church Street, Hawley PA. on February 18, 2008.  Read a report of this event.

17.   Essay published, “Homo Sapiens — War and Peace,” Connections Magazine, Nov 2007.

16.   Open Forum, “9-11-01: Deeds across the Divide,” – Universalist Unitarian Fellowship, Beach Lake , PA.

15.   Reshelving Project of Orwell's 1984 from fiction to non-fiction, at Hamish & Henry Booksellers, Livingston Manor, NY, June ‘07.

14.   Essay published, “And the Women Shall Lead Us,” Connections Magazine, June 2007.

13.  Keynote speaker State of the World Forum at Sugar Notch, PA.
Topic: Saving the Planet, Saving Ourselves.

12.  Participant in panel discussion of global heating – WaynePeace event held at Wayne County Library (PA).

11.  Peace Walk in partnership with Campaign for Department of Peace – 10 miles at Woodstock Concert site (Bethel, NY).

10.  Long Walk for Peace & 1st Amendment Rights – from Narrowsburg to Liberty (NY) in one day.

9.  Publication of The Lilac Book of Peace: Axioms & Quotes.

8.  Participation – Reading of the Names of the Fallen: US soldiers, Iraqi children, journalists. Wayne Peace event at Central Park, Honesdale (PA).
7.  Essay: “Can War Be Abolished?” at The Unitarian Fellowship, Beach Lake (PA).

6.  Panel and audience discussion (“Wise or Otherwise?”) – 10 proverbs from The Lilac Book of Peace: Axioms & Quotes (panel = a disciple of Dorothy Day, a philosopher, and a member of Pax Christi) at Jeffersonville Library (NY).

5.  Panel and audience discussion (“Wise or Otherwise?”) – 12 proverbs from The Lilac Book of Peace: Axioms & Quotes (panel = a philosopher, a poet, and an Earth mother) at The Unitarian Fellowship, Beach Lake, PA.

4.  Panel and audience discussion of “The Theory of Just War” (pastors of four religious denominations) at Central Methodist Church of Honesdale, PA.

3.  Panel and audience discussion of 1st Amendment (journalist, radio host, lawyer, priest) at Jeffersonville Library (NY).

2.  Conversations with Disciples of Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker Movement at Liberty Library (NY).

1.  Film showing and discussion: “Duck Soup” Marx Brothers film, at Liberty Free Theater.


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